Culture and Human relations

Our 90,000+ engaged employees are key to our performance and ability to create the beauty of tomorrow. To nurture this commitment, we create an inspiring and inclusive workplace where everyone can express their talents and contribute to our shared success. Our model is firmly people-centric, with a culture underpinned by innovation and a determination to go above and beyond. We embrace a long-term outlook and give our employees the tools they need to grow and hone new skills. Our focus on a healthy workplace allows us to attract, motivate and inspire loyalty among top talent.

Jean-Claude Le Grand

Chief Human Relations Officer

The secret to our success lies in the engagement of our teams and a highly unique corporate culture, which each of us helps to shape and promote.
  • 79% engagement rate among employees who participated in the Pulse survey
  • €120m invested in training
  • Top 10 Universum Top 10 World’s Most Attractive Employers ranking for the fourth consecutive year
  • Top 3 in the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index




People and respect: the core of our HR policy

Fulfilment at work is a key aspiration. At L’Oréal, our Human Relations teams strive every day to transform our ways of working and managerial culture. By taking care of our employees, their wellbeing and employability, we can count on their commitment and foster our collective performance. These outcomes are reflected in the results of our internal Pulse survey: 79% of employees say they feel engaged and 70% believe they are in a position to succeed in their role. With over 1.3 million applications received in 2023, a decrease in executive turnover, and 100% of employees trained over the past three years, L’Oréal remains an attractive employer.

Protecting and taking care of employees over the long-term

Social innovation has always been part of L’Oréal’s DNA. With our Share & Care programme, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, we have raised the bar for employee welfare to the highest standards in over 60 countries by focusing on physical and mental health as well as new ways of working. This has included rolling out new support and prevention measures related to mental health in the workplace and serious illnesses, such as cancer. We also have a dedicated programme for tackling domestic violence. At the same time, we are constantly improving and consolidating benefits such as 14 weeks of fully paid parental leave and a guaranteed living wage indexed to the highest standards across all of our subsidiaries worldwide.
Since 2020, L’Oréal has been implementing a far-reaching workspace renovation plan to improve the day-to-day experience and performance of teams. In 2023, we continued to transform several of our sites, most notably in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mexico and the United States. L’Oréal’s new head office for the United Kingdom and Ireland, located in the centre of London, received an “Outstanding” BREEAM rating for its sustainable design.

Nurturing young talent to shape the L’Oréal of tomorrow

The future will be built with and thanks to young talent. Over the years, we have introduced several initiatives to support their employability and access to employment under the L’Oréal for Youth programme. One example is the Seedz management trainee programme, which helps the Group’s future leaders assimilate its unique culture. This inclusive and resolutely international initiative allows them to discover different entities and job categories through a series of short-term assignments. L’Oréal’s apprenticeship programme, which embodies the Group’s forward-looking human relations approach, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and continues to expand worldwide. In 10 years, the number of work-study contracts has increased 83%, with more than 1,100 contracts signed in 2023. Through apprenticeships, L’Oréal also advocates and promotes its intergenerational approach to knowledge transfer. This commitment is part of the mindset we aim to cultivate with our L’Oréal for All Generations programme.



A corporate culture underpinned by diversity, equity and inclusion

For over a century, L’Oréal’s mission has been to bring the best of beauty to all people worldwide: for all types of skin and hair, all genders and ages, all cultures and identities. Diversity, equity and inclusion inform daily considerations to help us build a company that listens to its diverse teams, consumers and communities. Thanks to concrete commitments to these issues for over 20 years now, L’Oréal once again earned recognition in 2023, ranked by Equileap among the world’s best companies for gender equality for the sixth consecutive year, and as the number one French company. The Group was also among the Top 3 in Refinitiv’s Diversity & Inclusion Index and made the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the sixth year running.

Measuring our progress

To continue to do more to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, we must be able to measure our progress. That’s why L’Oréal decided to include optional “self-ID” questions in the internal Pulse survey for the first time in 2023, allowing employees to share certain aspects of their identity with us while remaining anonymous. Analysing these answers enables the Group to further its fight against discrimination, assess the effectiveness of its global DE&I initiatives and better understand the diversity of its teams. Sixty-seven percent of employees who had the option to answer the self-ID questions chose to do so. That amounts to more than 47,000 employees throughout the Group.

Training managers to foster inclusion

It is crucial to get managers on board to promote an inclusive climate and use DE&I best practices with their teams. To support managers to fulfil this role, we offer in-person training on inclusive leadership to the management committees at all our business units. Training begins with a self-assessment and is followed by personalised advice and a tailored action plan for each participant. Managers learn how to respond appropriately and develop their potential in an environment where everyone has a valued place at the company.

Our brands are committed to social causes

We aim to contribute positively to society as we put our Purpose and L’Oréal for the Future commitments into action. Our brands are stepping up to support social causes close to their hearts and in line with their values. Twenty-two of them have already chosen their cause, three-quarters of which are related to diversity, equity or inclusion, with a particular focus on women. L’Oréal Paris has launched Stand Up to fight street harassment, Kérastase supports mentoring for and by women with Power Talks, Lancôme is working to combat illiteracy among girls with Write Her Future, and SkinCeuticals supports women reconstructive surgeons in underserved parts of the world.



Brandstorm: a world-renowned competition

The 31st edition of the international Brandstorm competition brought together over 92,000 students from 75 countries. The EOCCS-certified immersive innovation competition is an integral part of the curriculum at nearly a hundred universities. In 2023, it invited students to invent digital concepts to “crack the new codes of beauty”, with the final round taking place at the VivaTech trade show in Paris. The contest is a professional springboard for participants and, for the Group, an ideal recruiting ground for young talent. Marie Landrevie, a member of the French team that won this year’s competition, shares her experience: “Brandstorm was a skills accelerator and provided first-hand access to the L’Oréal network. And the journey isn’t over yet! With support from experts, we’re incubating our project, which aims to foster inclusiveness at L’Oréal.”



Working with international experts to shape the future of inclusive beauty

L’Oréal’s Advisory Board for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is instrumental in refining the Group’s vision of inclusivity. Co-chaired by L’Oréal’s Chief Executive Officer, Nicolas Hieronimus, it includes independent experts working together to shape the future of inclusive beauty.
Caroline Casey is an inclusion activist and co-founder of The Valuable 500: “During my three years on the Advisory Board, I’ve been proud of the way we’ve seized opportunities and used innovation to serve all parts of the Group’s activities, to help create the beauty that moves the world.”
The Advisory Board’s ideas contributed to the development of the innovative HAPTA smart makeup applicator for people with reduced arm and/or hand mobility. Created by L’Oréal for Lancôme, the innovation was named one of the Best Inventions of 2023 by TIME magazine in the accessibility category.



Supporting employees with cancer

Given that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, L’Oréal is ramping up initiatives to promote a workplace culture that combats the stigma of this disease and provides support for recovery. In 2023, L’Oréal signed the “Working with Cancer” charter, launched by the Publicis Foundation, and has stepped up support for its employees worldwide with its new “All the way with you” programme. This includes communication at its sites to break down taboos around the disease, giving access to services that facilitate daily life during treatment, psychological, emotional and physical support, financial aid and assistance with returning to work. This commitment on the topic of cancer is part of the Group’s Share & Care protection and benefits programme, launched globally ten years ago.